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 A brief history of time ~

aboard the sailing vessel Möbius

After leaving Utila, we see the Bay Island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras.

After leaving Utila, we see the Bay Island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras.


This is a blog about my life, travels and adventures aboard my 30 foot sailboat; Mӧbius.

Please be sure to visit all the pages linked along the bottom of the big photo at the top of this page  – and check out my most recent posts listed in the right sidebar (under the small photo of me).

Möbius - a 30 foot Baba cutter.

Möbius – a 30 foot Baba cutter.

I also have a video section – just click on Video Logs in the menu bar above to go to my YouTube Channel.

I love to read your replies too – so please leave a few at the bottom of each page you visit.

Interested in Crewing?

If you would like to sail with me aboard the Möbius, I would be especially happy to hear from you.


Bridge over the Rio Dulce

Bridge over the Rio Dulce

I am currently on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala for the 2017 hurricane season – enjoying the area and slapping more varnish on the boat.



The next opportunity to sail will be to Belize from Guatemala in March or April 2018 – only a one day sail to get there, but could stretch it into 3 or 4 days by staying at anchor at a few beautiful places inside the reef along the way. Then from Belize back to Rio Dulce in June, 2018.

Please feel free to email me for details if you’d like to come along.

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  1. This is the perfect blog for anyone who really wants to understand this topic. You understand so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a brand new spin on a topic that’s been discussed for a long time. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog Judi.
      There are many sailors who know lots more than I do about this topic, but thanks for the kind compliment!

  2. Greetings, I am fascinated by sailing and the way of life which it entails. I would love to find out more about how I could crew or just help out in some way on board a sailboat. I was browsing through blogs with möbius and forget me knot and both vessels seem like they would be awesome to work on.

    I am interested in working with people who I can grow with and be inspired by. I am a sponge for knowledge, a very quick and dedicated learner with an abundance of enthusiasm and willingness. I am relaxed and bring a genuine passion for adventure and meeting new people.

    I am grateful for your advice and understanding..

    Look forward to talking with you soon..


    • Hello – Please email me with more info about your sailing experience, where you are currently, and anything else you’d like to tell me. Thanks for commenting on my blog. – Stan

  3. Hey Stan

    Its been a while. I note you are in Guatemala now. Great. Hope you are enjoying it. Not sure why, but I can only half see what I am typing because of some, qirk……Oh Oh, it fixed itself.

    Got some news. Donna and I are thinking of moving to Ecuador. We are going to travel down as soon as we can and check everything out but it looks really positive right now. We will purchase a place right on the Pacific Ocean or build something but it is so inexpensive to iive down their, we could not pass up this opportunity. We are pretty sure we will be there by next Christmas barring some real surprise. I couldn’t remember your facebook contact. Tried putting you back on mine after you told me about the errors of my ways. I will try again soon.

    If we like what we see down there, we are going to put the house in Canada on the market and the house in Nevada on too. Take the equity in both and buy a really nice home in Ecuador and another to rent out.


  4. Hi Stan I also lost you on Facebook and I didn’t have your email either. ( you know how usless I am with technology) I have my knee surgery on May 3 so I’m not going to be very mobile for about six weeks they say. Looking forward to seeing and hearing all about your adventures. Lynda

    • Lynda,
      I closed down my facebook account a while back. Too many privacy issues.
      You can email me by clicking on “Email me” under CONTACT ME in the column just to the right (above the Number of Visitors).
      I had to use your address and phone number when I booked my flight on-line. Hope you still have the same landline number.
      I’ll give you a call when I get to Calgary.
      Good luck with the knee!

  5. Hey Stan,
    Are you missin’ the North American winters yet?

    • Actually – during Christmas, I miss the nice, clean, crisp blanket of snow that I remember from my childhood. Lately however, white Christmases have been rare in Calgary. But, to be honest, when I was still in Texas last summer when it was 105 degrees, I had dreams of a good Calgary snowstorm…

  6. Stan, Watching “Master and Commander”….Just thought of you and your insane addiction……When you’re going to cross through the Panama locks or need a mate somewhere up the west coast, then gimme a shout; For that matter, e-mail me whenever.

    Hope all is well….


  7. I got to your blog by following a trail from Irwin sailboat posts on Facebook. SAw you will eventually come to Central America. Here is the link to our blog: http://www.elsalvadorrally.blogspot.com Our friend Dennis on Dolce Vita is in the Rio Dulce for this hurricane season. He spent last year here in El SAlvador. When you are on the Pacific side, come on by. Or if traveling by land stop in!

    • Thanks very much for the link. Looks like a very fun loving bunch!
      Don’t know if I’ll end up on the Pacific side or not. Next stop could be Panama, but don’t know where I’ll go from there.
      Thanks for visiting my site – and good luck with your adventures!
      – Stan

  8. hey Stan,

    This is Michelle from Wildfire. Not sure if anyone told you but I’ve beem traveling back and forth from here to Isla Mujeres for the past 30 years regularly. Its my favorite place in the world, so if you need some advice or local knowledge, just ask. I even lived there for several months in my younger days when it was quite remote. But ya know what, I’ll meet ya there in a plane if I can, wont do the sailing thing in those waters!! Best of luck! Michelle

    • Hello Michelle,
      Yes – Tre told me you had spent lots of time here. We should have got together while we were still all together in Clearwater and had a chat. Anyway, I’ve met a local fellow who I’ve hired to wash the boat (he needed some work) and I’m also getting some town tours from him in exchange for buying him lunch and a beer. My crew member and I are signing up to go snorkeling with the whale sharks tomorrow, and I also have to make a trip to Cancun to look after some more customs papers. If you have any suggestions about things to do or places to go I’d love to hear from you. We’ll be here until Thursday morning (June 9th).
      – Stan

  9. Hello Stan, we will be expecting you at the Rio Dulce. Anything special you need at your arrival?


    Karl Jacobs, Owner
    John Moore, manager

    • Hello Monkey Bay Marina!

      All I need is a secure slip, access to a shower – and maybe a few beers.

      Actually – I was hoping to find someone local who can fashion a small (very small) folding teak table for my cockpit. If anyone pops into mind – let me know…

      – Stan

  10. Hey! Stan the Man,
    Are you stuck in Mississippi? Our wedding was a big success. Wish you coulda been there. Met a lady looking for a man.

    • I had two successful weddings! So does that mean I’m winning?
      If the lady likes to sail, is a good cook, likes to go to new and different places and has access to loads of cash – please give her my contact info. We had a ‘tornado watch’ in Ocean Springs, Mississippi – so we waited an extra day and wandered around the boutiques and talked with some locals. One guy was a retired bull rider and told us all about ‘Ol Cid’ and his wife the ‘Coonass’. It’s a long and hilarious story …
      – Stan

  11. Hey Stan, Good to hear you got away fine. We are in Sarasota waiting for you so let us know how you are doing and when to expect you.
    God Speed

  12. Wow Stan this looks great. We will definately follow your voyage. We wish you well. Gary and Diane

  13. Your ‘Aunt Mildred said;”I am praying for you and I am praying for you often. I want you to come to heaven with me. Please do keep in touch, I want to hear from you.
    Tell him I love him, tell him indeed. xo

    The Mobius is beautiful…sounds like you are happy and have learned much, as well as accomplished much in all your preparations for your journey, ‘Go with God’ E.D.

    • Thank you Ms. Dumont. Please give my love to my Aunt and Uncle. Thank you for relaying any info to them.
      – Stan

  14. Stan,
    site looks great! Simple yet effective… I like it

  15. Great work Stan. You look as if you are enjoying yourself. Wish you well on your journey around the Carib. Donna and I spent two months South at our Nevada home November and December. Paid it off which was a nice feeling. You will love the Keys if you have never been before. I must say I prefer getting there on four wheels (or two). Had a very nasty experience 40 years ago on a sloop called “Gladeye” where we ran into a horrendous storm which lasted two days with mountainous waves. It almost took all of our lives. The galley was wrecked beyond recognition so I said never again would I put to sea. I would rather climb the highest peaks and pit my knowledge against the snow and weather. Once again Stan, good luck and keep in touch. Ken

  16. Stan,
    Great site, looking forward to following your adventures with just a touch of jealousy!
    Good Luck and Safety on your trip,

  17. Great looking home page — with no annoying error messages!

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